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(Inglés) Ford está probando un exoesqueleto para ayudar a evitar lesiones de los trabajadores

Publicado: 14 Nov 2017 12:24 pm
por Fermat
Ford Trialing Exoskeleton to Help Factory Workers Avoid Injuries
November 10th, 2017 Editors


Ford, the automaker, is trialing a new exoskeleton at two of its factories. The device is designed to help line assembly workers perform overhead tasks. The exoskeleton, called EksoVest, was developed in a partnership with Ekso Bionics, a company we visited and whose technology we tried on ourselves a couple years ago. While Ekso has devoted a great deal of effort to building full-body exoskeletons for paralyzed people, the technology found in those devices can be applicable to able bodied people performing physically difficult repeat tasks, such as operating the overhead machinery.

The EksoVest helps to lift a worker’s arms when doing something above the head, such as when bolting in parts into a suspended car frame. The user’ arm motion is not limited and aside from putting on the device there’s not too much change in a job’s workflow. Every time the arms, typically holding a hydraulic tool, are lifted up, the EksoVest helps right along. It can be set to provide between five and fifteen pounds of augmentation of lift every time it’s used, which for many workers can be in the thousands of times a day.

Like the Ekso Works exoskeleton we tried at Ekso Bionics offices, the EksoVest is not powered by electricity or other means. Instead, it is an energy transfer device that’s similar to hiking backpacks that alleviate pressure on the shoulders by suspending them on a hiker’s hips. The EksoVest makes the user’s legs support the tools that are being lifted above the head, reducing pressure on the arms, shoulders, and back, and hopefully leading to fewer injuries.

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Re: (Inglés) Ford está probando un exoesqueleto para ayudar a evitar lesiones de los trabajadores

Publicado: 14 Nov 2017 12:52 pm
por T a j a n t e
Sospecho que esos adelantos son producto de las presiones de sindicatos laborales que exigen mejoras en las condiciones de trabajo. Muy interesante.

Mientras tanto, en nuestras casas disponemos casi siempre de esos grifos que nos obligan a adoptar una posición que nos hace daño en la columna y nada que los cambiamos. A veces nos toca fregar platos después de una fiesta en casa y terminamos con dolor en la espalda por la posición que tomamos por un largo rato. Claro, en los viejitos es peor.

Recuerdo lo que es el síndrome de -meter cosas en el- maletero de los carros, que también es una posición que jode la espalda ... hasta que vi que al BMW X5 le incorporaron un piso de maletero desplazable hasta incluso fuera de la maleta. Delicatesses que sólo disfrutan gente con solvencia económica como Miguel A Robles y Del Camino Alex.