(Inglés) El surgimiento de los rascacielos de madera

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(Inglés) El surgimiento de los rascacielos de madera

Mensajepor Fermat » 13 Abr 2018 3:28 am

The rise of wooden skyscrapers

Forget steel and concrete — wood is the latest go-to material for building skyscrapers. The renewable resource has high potential.


"The world's tallest wooden house!" reads a huge poster on the side of a building under construction in the Norwegian municipality of Brummundal.

The house doesn't have any scaffolding; cranes and an outdoor elevator are used to transport the building material to where it's needed. The wood is sourced from Norwegian forests.

When it's finished in March 2019, the wooden house will be 81 meters (265 feet) tall, and will have 18 stories with 27 apartments that ranging from 67 to 149 square meters (720 to 1,600 square feet) as well as a swimming pool, a hotel, offices and restaurants.

A wooden skyscraper being constructed in Norway

Maybe not "the world's tallest wooden house," as the poster reads - it will be 81 meters tall when completed

Timber skyscrapers: an international trend?
But despite the declaration on the poster, this is not actually the world's tallest wooden house after all. Vienna is currently working on an 84-meter-tall wooden building 24 stories tall (with a staircase made out of cement).

The building in Vienna will also combine apartments with offices, shops and a spa.

Ask the Austrians and they will tell you they're the ones who came up with the concept of using wood as an industrial product. Austria is the world's largest producer of cross-laminated timber.

And though that may sound unsustainable, it's done under the number-one rule of Austria's lumber industry: Never log more than can grow back.

In the Parisian district of Terne, an entire building complex is being built from cross-laminated timber and glass.

The rooftops of the structures — which will be nine stories tall — will be accessible to the public, and are supposed to encourage citizens to engage in urban gardening.

In Germany, an eight-story wooden house was built on an area that used to belong to the United States army in the Bavarian town of Bad Aibling. It is a current showpiece for energy-efficient construction.

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Re: (Inglés) El surgimiento de los rascacielos de madera

Mensajepor T a j a n t e » 13 Abr 2018 4:24 am

Bueeeeno, tanto como rascacielos, no.
Hace poco subí un tema que parece restarle futuro a estos edificios: "Norway Is The First Country To Commit To Zero Deforestation".

"Si no hay justicia para el pueblo, que no haya paz para el gobierno".

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Re: (Inglés) El surgimiento de los rascacielos de madera

Mensajepor suertudo » 14 Abr 2018 12:00 pm

No compro un apartamento en un bicho de esos ni con una excelente póliza de incendios, y ni si le esconden todos los fósforos a los locos.

Una chispa y quedan pendejas las fallas valencianas :mrgreen:
Prefiero un mal día de playa a un buen día de trabajo.

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