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(Inglés) Nuevas líneas masivas descubiertas al sur del Perú

Publicado: 16 Abr 2018 2:42 am
por Fermat
Massive new line drawings revealed in Peru
DW, 12.04.2018

Using drone cameras, scientists have documented spectacular line drawings newly discovered in southern Peru. They are likely much older than the famous Nasca lines.


Ritual background

Because of previous research findings on the Nazca Lines it is very likely that geoglyphs are commonly used in fertility rituals. Beyond that, scienctist say that indigenous peoples also created the images when there were periodic climatic fluctuations.

The latest line drawings discovered by archeologists in Peru show geometric figures portraying humans, apes and a whale, according to a report published in National Geographic.

Twenty-five images of the previously undocumented line drawings — so-called geoglyphs, or "ground drawings" — in Palpa province in southern Peru were taken from drones, said Peruvian archeologist Johny Isla Cuadrado in the Peruvian daily, "El Comercio."

Scientists flew the drones over the region about 30 meters above the ground, and spotted 50 geoglyphs – 25 were unknown, while the local population was aware of the other 25 drawings.

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