(Inglés) Piel electrónica permite sentir dolor en las prótesis

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(Inglés) Piel electrónica permite sentir dolor en las prótesis

Mensajepor Fermat » 22 Jun 2018 5:53 am

Electronic Skin Lets Amputees Feel Pain Through Their Prosthetics
Kristin Houser June 21, 2018

Up until the 20th century, wearing a prosthetic limb wasn’t all that great. They were often unwieldy wooden contraptions with both form and function that fell far short of their natural counterparts. Today, though, we have prosthetics that we can control with our minds, that predict movement, and that fit perfectly thanks to 3D printing.

Still, even the most advanced prosthetics have room for improvement. They still don’t give the wearer a ton of feedback about what they’re touching — no temperatures, no textures. That’s why researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created a new electronic dermis (e-dermis). When placed over a prosthetic device, this artificial skin lets an amputee feel pain and other sensations in their missing limb. The researchers published their study Wednesday in the journal Science Robotics.

To create an electronic skin that functions like human skin, the researchers started by looking — where else? — at human skin. They noted that our skin contains a network of receptors that relay a variety of sensations to the brain, letting us know if what we’re touching is sharp or smooth, hot or cold, hard or soft, and so on.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJe3wC6tiJM

They designed their device to transmit two specific sensations: the curvature of an object and its sharpness. They constructed their e-dermis out of a combination of fabric and rubber, adding in layers of sensors to imitate the receptors in human skin. These receptors could detect the sensations of an object — whether it’s sharp, for example — and then send those sensations to the peripheral nerves in an amputee’s residual limb via wires.

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Re: (Inglés) Piel electrónica permite sentir dolor en las prótesis

Mensajepor Ulf » 22 Jun 2018 9:04 am

Otra predicción de los simpsom !

Porqué ? Porqué fui programado para sentir dolor ?
Prepárense que el Ragnarök está próximo !

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