(Inglés) DeepL: Un emprendimiento con base en Colonia supera al Google Translate

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(Inglés) DeepL: Un emprendimiento con base en Colonia supera al Google Translate

Mensajepor Fermat » 07 Dic 2018 7:13 am

DeepL: Cologne-based startup outperforms Google Translate
Natalia Smolentceva, DW, 05.12.2018

A translation startup from Germany is surprising many users by how well it translates texts. It is now offering two more languages: Russian and Portuguese. What is it that makes DeepL better than Google Translate?

Translation giants like Google and Microsoft are faced with a powerful but small competitor.

The startup from Cologne, DeepL, was founded by a former Google employee. It provides a translation tool that produces more naturally worded text than any of its big competitors.

The service uses so called deep learning technology based on artificial neural networks. But how exactly does it work?

From dictionary to translator
Before the company launched the new translation tool in August 2017 it had been in the "language business" for quite some time. In 2009, they started a a dictionary called Linguee. What was special about it? Apart from various translation options, it offered samples of already translated pieces of text in chosen language pairs.

It gathered these text samples from the Internet using special Internet bots that help web indexing called web crawlers. Many text samples came from the documents of multilateral institutions like the European Union (EU).

A human-trained machine-learning algorithm then computed the structure and meaning of the gathered text and learned how certain ideas are being expressed in another language. Furthermore, the users can leave feedback and rate the translations manually. Over nine years Linguee.com has improved by internalizing an ever growing number of high quality translations. It has thus became the base for a new translation tool.

DeepL stands for 'deep learning'
Deep learning is an aspect of artificial intelligence (AI) that wants to replicate human learning. In the past, programmers used to write individual commands for every task a computer had to do. Now they are constructing an artificial neural network that can be trained by showing the computer existing examples. The more examples the better the computer can learn. Big data further amplified these opportunities for machine learning.
On the technological side, deep learning is an algorithm that uses multiple layers of processing information. "Deep" refers to the number of layers through which the data is transformed. Today, this technology operates self-driving cars, virtual reality headsets and face recognition software. And now it also helps us with translation.


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Re: (Inglés) DeepL: Un emprendimiento con base en Colonia supera al Google Translate

Mensajepor Logica y Sensatez » 07 Dic 2018 4:01 pm

Constituye otro paso más en el perfeccionamiento de una herramienta de altísima utilidad para TODOS. :up:

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Re: (Inglés) DeepL: Un emprendimiento con base en Colonia supera al Google Translate

Mensajepor Javier380 » 08 Dic 2018 6:23 pm

Una excelente herramienta, much mejor que la versión de Google y Microsoft

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